What I ate Wednesday

So last week some of you voted for this series to continue, so here it is. This week I used my new camera so hopefully the pictures are of better quality.



I had a plum pie and an espresso with milk. I love having pie or cake for breakfast 🙂



Fruit soup with apples, sour cherries and black currant. Soup is very popular in Hungary, all year long. Most people will have soup for lunch. Pork stew with potatoes and pickles. Stew is also very popular here.



Crepes filled with apricot jelly and walnuts and covered in chocolate. I drank fruit tea (strawberry and orange).



Pork with garlic and rice with vegetables. I also had a slice of apple and some mandarin (not pictured).

Do you ever have cake or pie for breakfast?

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. BB#1 started ice-skating. He is really enjoying it. He went once with school and once more with Daddy Blackberry.

2. Last week BB#2 had a pediatric neurology appointment. I am always scared when I have to take him to the doctors, I never know how he is going to react, and also I am always scared what the doctor might say. But this was a good appointment. BB#2 walked in, said hi to the doctor, shook his hand than showed him that he ants to sit in his lap 🙂

3. The Neurologist was really satisfied with him. He said he is smart and has good balance 🙂

4. On friday I met up with some friends for coffee and muffin, BB#2 also came along and had a good time.

5. Saturday was a work day here in Hungary, so poor BB#1 had school, but his teachers planned a field trip for them to the city library.

6. Sunday we went to the market and bought fresh bread and really yummy chesnut-pear-chocolate pie.

7. I bought BB#1 a new bag to hold his ice skates

8. This weekend I plan to take part in a baby sale. Hopefully I will get rid of some of our stuff.

9. Today I finally had  babysitter so I went out with the girls to a new cafe. I really needed some adult conversation and no kids time 🙂

10. I had an australian macadamia nut coffee:


It was really yummy 🙂