Botanical Garden

The University Botanical Garden, in our city, is located on 24 acres. 5000 species are found in the garden, which was founded in 1922.

First some flowers:





BB#2 smelling the roses 🙂



The indian lotus 🙂


There is a great playground:




We had a really great time, the air was really nice and clean and we saw amazing plants 🙂

Project 52, Week #9


On Saturday Blackberry #2 tried out the swings at the playground for the first time 🙂 He really liked it. We went to a playground that is really close to our apartment. There is a really old Catholic Church and next to it is a monastery, where monks live. And around the monastery there is a really big green area where the playground is situated. So lots of space to run around.



On Thursday we went to the our city zoo. Here is Blackberry #1 looking all angelic with his friend (and Brother in law), in front of the penguins. When we got to the zoo, the national TV crew was there because they were doing an interview about the new baby penguins. They picked out BB#1 to film, they wanted him to say he likes penguins 🙂  Well, we missed out on our first chance at stardom, because BB#1 was not willing to look into the camera, and was not really willing to say anything, at least not at a volume that can be heard, so finally they did not include him in the interview 😦 But anyway the zoo was really fun as always 🙂