Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. Thanks to the antibiotics I am finally feeling better. HURRAY!

2. But ofcourse now BB#2 got a cold. His little nose is all stuffed and he has a cough. But at least he is sleeping good and he does not have a fever.

3. We will go see the pediatrician tomorrow, to see if he needs any medicine.

4. Friday I had blood work done for both boys.

5. BB#1’s results are looking good, finally his TSH level is normal and he is not anemic. Good news.

6. The lady taking the blood was not satisfied with BB#2’s veins so she just poked his finger and squeezed the drops of blood out. Which is a friendlier way and BB#2 was fine with it, he was laughing.

7. But this way his blood haemolyzed (I think) and a whole bunch of stuff could not be determined, so now I have no idea if he is anemic or not…. So now in the last 2 weeks, with BB#2, we have had 3 doctors appointments that were not good for anything. We still need a pediatrician dermatologist, we need an echocardiogram and someone who will take blood from his little veins….

I will consult with our pediatrician tomorrow, maybe she has some ideas how to solve our problems.

I am just frustrated that we spend all this time at docot’s offoces and not even move forward one bit…..

8. I have been waiting for the plumber for 1 and a half hours now. I finally got an appointment from him after about 4 weeks of calling him. I just called him and he is not coming. 😦 The wall of the bathroom is wet, the paint is falling off. It is at times like this that I wish I could do everything myself, plumbing, accoutning, computer engineering etc…..I hate plumbers…..

9. The good news is that it is finally March, so soon spring will arrive 🙂

10. The highlight of our weekend: a Somloi galuska (Hungarian Trifle) cake


It is made with three different-flavored sponge cakes, pastry cream, raisins, walnuts, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream and rum 🙂