Stay At Home Mom

Today marks the one year anniversary of me not working, but staying at home and caring for the boys.


This is my second round of being a stay at home Mom (SAHM). I stayed home with Blackberry #1 for 2 years and 2 months before going back to work.

I remember back then I always thought that being a stay at home Mom was way harder than when I was working 🙂

Then I went back to work full time, and still had to do everything else then before, so that was even more harder!

The best part about going to work was being able to go to the bathroom alone  🙂 and having lunch with other adults while I only needed to feed myself and no one else:)

This time around I am truly enjoying being a SAHM! Blackberry #2 will be my last child so I am trying to soak all the joys of being home with a baby.

Here in Hungary the government supports women to stay at home for a longer amount of time after birth. If you qualify (meaning you had a job for about 2 years before giving birth) then first you get TGYAS  for the first about 6 months, which is close to the amount you got as a salary before. From when the baby is 6 months to 2 years old you get GYED, which is calculated according to your salary but it is also maximalised so it cannot be more than  70 % of the minimal wage x2.  And than from when the child is 2 years to 3 years old, you can get Gyes, which is really a small amount of money enough maybe to buy nappies for  2 months. But at least there is an opportunity for Moms here to choose to stay at home. The only problem with staying at home is that alot of work places don’t take you back after you are ready to return.

Also part time jobs are very rare which would be ideal for women with small children.

Most people still think SAHM-s don’t do much, but any SAHM will tell you that is not the case 🙂

There is never enough hours in a day.

Even though I don’t need my Masters degree in biology or my Ph.D. in Theoretical Medical Sciences to fill this job, it is still the best job in the world 🙂

Here are some funny stuff from Pinterest:

Stay at home mom at that!

said every stay at home mom, ever

Stay at home mom

Stay at home mom minus kids! Lol

Stay at home Mom. The bottom left is what my mother thinks I do. Lol

Are you or have you ever been or would you one day want to be a Stay at Home Mom?

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