When Mommy is ill

I have been ill since sunday. It started with being tired, aching all over. Then a stuffy nose, sore throat. Then a runny nose and now the fun part: coughing.

When you are a Mom and you are ill it is no fun. No one takes care of you. At least my husband is not that kind. He is even afraid of me then and says stupid things like that he will catch whatever I have just by breathing in the same room 🙂 So no help from husband…I am ok with this part, not being taken care of. I can take care of myself. But taking care of 2 little ones while being ill is another story!

I have been wearing a surgeon mask all week to minimize the chance of BB#2 catching this lovely microorganism. It is kind of hard to take care of a 2 year old all week in a surgeon mask. For one he thinks it is funny and wants to take it off all the time 🙂 I try to minimize contact with him but how the hell are you supposed to do that when you are the one that changes his diaper, feeds him, dresses him etc…. I just really hope he stays healthy because he has his appointment at the pediatric cardiologist next tuesday, (the one we got 6 months ago… ) and he is super cranky at those even when he is healthy.

Then there is BB#1. Getting up early every day while sick, to get him ready for school, remembering every day what he is supposed to take with him, doing homework in the afternoons. Yesterday was carnival day, I had to make his indian head gear for him and take him in the morning get his costume on and then go back an hour later and see the carnival itself…. All while being sick…..

Back to the coughing: the part I hate the most. I cannot sleep because when I lay down I cough. I had 1 and a half hours of sleep last night…. But tonight I will get Dextromethorphan, (an over the counter cough medicine) and hopefully get some sleep!!!! Thank God for opiates 🙂 Have I mentioned I wrote my PhD on my research on opiates?

But first this Mommy has to pick up BB#1 at school and take him to speech therapy.

How do you cope being a Mom when ill?

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Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. So ok, it looks like february won’t be my favorite month this year 😦

2. BB#2 has been super cranky since saturday.

3. He is not willing to eat or drink and even sometimes wakes up during the night. I think he is teething.

4. Today was our appointment with the pediatrician and she saw nothing wrong with him, besides his teeth coming…

5. I on the other hand am really sick 😦 Runny nose, sore throat, aching limbs, low fever 😦

6. Too bad Moms don’t get sick days, to rest 😦

7. On saturday I went to sell at the baby sale, but there were hardly any customers 😦

8. Sunday was husband’s birthday. He got socks (not too exciting), I also wrote 4 cities on paper and put them in a hat and he got to pick one. So I will be taking him to BARCELONA. Once I start making money again and I can afford it 😦 So I don’t know when that will be….

9. Yesterday I took BB#2 to the dermatologist, but they said he needs a pediatric dermatologist, so now I have to find one of those….

10. BB#1 is excited because thrursday will be carnival day at school. He will dress up as an indian. I still have to make his head gear. I already have feathers…..