Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. Sorry for the long break.

2. Being with a 2 year old 24/7 is pretty time consuming, and not always easy.

3. Sometimes when you hold them while walking down the stairs, you trip and fall down, spraining your foot because while falling you cannot grab anything because you are holding a 2 year old. This was 2 weeks ago, I calmed down after an x-ray, it is not broken 🙂

4. Or they fall down the stairs by themselves, and fall on their face, scratching their whole left face 😦 (that was this weekend). Luckily the scracthes are not deep and healing fast.

5. Or they get excited after a bath, and while you are trying to put a diaper on them, they kick your hand, spraining your ring finger. That happend last night. It is all swollen and hurts like hell, but no way am I getting 2 xrays in 2 weeks, so I am playing the waiting game and hoping it will heal….

6. To say something positive: last tuesday was our 8th wedding anniversary and we went on an actual date. Dinner without kids. It was really refreshing eating alone. I even got flowers from the Husband.


7. BB#1 is doing swim classes again. Yesterday I took him and had a little time to swim myself.

8. His summer vacation starts in 1 week!

9. It has been really hot here.

10. Which is ok, because it is finally SUMMER!