Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. This week’s TTT is on Thursday.

2. Last week I enrolled BB#2 at a pre-school. Now I am waiting for their letter. They said they would send a letter with their decision in 10 days. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I really want this pre-school, I didn’t even enroll him in any others…

3. Last weekend was fun packed.

4. Saturday morning I went to a baby Rummage sale.

5. Saturday afternoon we attended a birthday party, then a name day party 🙂

6. Sunday Morning BB#1 attended his first running festival. He ran 3.4 km-s! And he was done in about 20 minutes! I was truely amazed.

7. After the running I took the boys for brunch. Belgian waffels, lemonade and caffee latte. They were also selling really yummy cakes, so I bought a few. The lemon one was my favorite.


8. Today BB#1 had his class field trip. They went to a cowboy themed park. He had a great time 🙂

9. This week we have a long weekend because of May first.

10. We are invited to a may first party tommorrow.

Do you celebrate May first in your country?

2 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Thursday

  1. May Day is acknowledged here, but not celebrated (if that makes sense). Good luck with the preschool! 🙂

  2. My fingers are crossed for BB#2 getting into that preschool.
    I am also very impressed with BB#1 running so well in the running festival.

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