Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. Last week I had no time to write TTT.

2. Last sunday I went to the Farmers Market again. I bought cakes and cheese 🙂

3. I went to 2 baby rummage sales.

4. I have been also selling our stuff on facebook flea markets. It is going slow, but steady.

5. I am doing all this to make some money, since I am not working at the moment and I don’t plan to work before the fall or even winter.

6. I finally went to see my friend’s new born baby boy 🙂 He is 4 weeks old already and he is soooooo cute 🙂 Seeing babies always elevates my progesterone level and I always want one more too 🙂 But after a while my sense kicks in and I remember the pregnancy, the premature births and the lack of sleep, so I think I am fine with 2 kids 🙂 Though I still long for a little girl 😦

7. We had a long weekend this past weekend and we went to the mountains, in the northern part of Hungary. The weather was pretty cold but there was no rain, so we had a good time. I will do a post later about the trip 🙂

8. BB#1 even missed a day of school because of the trip.

So we have been doing all the extra homework 😦

9. Tommorrow I have to enroll BB#2 in preschool! I cannot believe he will start in the fall.

10. I have to run and feed the kids dinner 🙂

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